How to Properly Clean Those Sex Toys

Let’s face it, the world of sex is a messy one. This is why we always want to make sure that all toys are cleaned after each use. It doesn’t matter where or who uses them, the proper cleanliness can go a long way at preventing a lot of conditions that can occur due to having dirty toys.

We will walk you through the basic steps of cleaning off those toys, while making sure you have an idea of what products you should be using for this.

Keep in Mind!

Before we get going on the steps that need to be taken, it is important to keep in mind that not all cleaners are made for all toys. Some toys require specialty cleaners, just like other toys might not be made for using latex or other based cleaners.

Cleaning Products

These products are made to clean a variety of different toys, depending on what you’re trying to clean off. They are some of our favorites, though there are many others out there!

Cobeco Toy Cleaner – Spray cleaner without alcohol that is water based.

Special Latex Cleaner – Handwash cleaner specially made for all latex items, clothing, toys, etc.

Lelo Antibacterial Cleaning Spray – Great for latex, silicone or rubber toys, safe enough to spray on and wipe off and kills bacteria and other germs on surfaces.

Pjur Medical Clean Spray – Gentle formula that works well to remove stains, odors, can be used on the skin or on toys to cleanse.

How to Clean

In order to clean the toys, it is important to gather the ones that you want to use, as well as your cleaner and a soft rag.

  • Liberally spray the cleaning solution on the toy across all of the surfaces.
  • Use the soft cloth to wipe off the cleaner and work in circular motions to remove any and all residue or build-up that may be on the outside of the toy.
  • Some toys may need to be rinsed off, others can just air dry with the solution on them, as mostly all of them are gentle enough to use after they have been cleaned.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions given on the bottle of cleaner.
  • Also check the bottle to make sure it is compatible with the material that the toy is made from. Some cleaners can break down materials with time.

Keep in mind, a clean sex toy is the best toy. Make sure that they’re cleaned off and ready to go for the next time you want to have a little fun! Stop by the store to grab the cleaners you need and you’re off to enjoying a fun-filled night full of toys and more!

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