If you want to make your sex life really pop then you want to find ways to make your sex life a bit more kinkier. If you’re the experimental type of person, then making sure to add some flavor into that sex life is a must and it shouldn’t be too hard to do. With all the tips and tricks that are out there, you and your partner are able to enjoy each other a little more.

Kinkier sex is always a good thing when you want to explore your boundaries and make sure you both are having a good time.

Tip 1 – Try on Sexy Lingerie

This is always a crowd pleaser. Not only are you going to feel much more sexier but you will find that your partner also loves the new look. This is something that not everyone is able to get in the bedroom, either. If you’re ready to experiment then try something new out.

Tip 2 – Skip the Bedroom

You can do it in other places besides the bedroom and you shouldn’t be afraid of doing so. This is because you want to have a pleasurable experience and through the use of other places throughout the home or even out in public, you can find that sex is great. You could also try discreet vibrators for the public places.

Tip 3 – Toys are a Great Option

If everyone is able to agree that toys can help the relationship out, then this is the best place to go in order to get them. You can make sure that these toys last for some time and also bring both of you the enjoyment you want. Sex swings, C-rings and more are a pleasurable experience for both.

Tip 4 – Focus More on Foreplay

Foreplay is a must. Try out some handcuffs and let the magic happen. When you focus more on this, you both are going to be so ready when the time comes that it is going to be that much better. There are plenty of ways to get handsy without doing the deed, so make sure to be creative.

When it comes to all those tips out there, don’t be afraid to be you. Try something new and bring up some new things to your partner. They might be onboard with some of the kinkier, hotter things you want to try out. It’s always good to have a change in the bedroom.

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