The right lubricant helps grease your way to awesomeness. Yet, before bringing one home to bed, how do you choose the right one? Do you just go for any random drugstore variety, or do you consider the formula and quality? If you aren’t already a wise lube lord by experience, it’s time to learn about your options. Going for a top-notch lube can make the difference between average and orgasmic sex.

Why use lubricant?

Lubricant is slippery in texture to make friction easier. The smoother the ride, the better the sex– make sense? When penetration is happening in a wet surface, the sensations feel more fluid, helping the body relax and achieve an orgasm more readily.

But what if you don’t have an issue with vaginal or anal dryness? Lubricant is still a blast to use because it still increases the flow and momentum of sex. There’s also tons of varieties to try, ranging from flavoured versions to yummy scented ones. Each one offers a unique type of sensuality.

There are two main types of lubricants: water-based and oil-based. The best lubricants depend on your personal needs and the type of sex you’re having. Here’s the story on both kinds.

Water-based lube

Water-based lube is the most natural. So if you’re allergy-prone, your safest bet is to go with this option. Also, if you’re a gal with a sensitive ladybox, the water-based lube is gentler or your genitals. Its formula is purer as compared to oil, but the drawback is that it’s not as slippery. Nevertheless, water-based lube is less likely to bother sensitive skin because it offers a more natural type of moisture.

Water-based lube is also a better option if you get easily turned off by the greasy feel of oil. Those who are squeamish and want to feel as fresh as possible, the lightweight texture of water-based lube should be your go-to.

Oil-based lube

Thick and goopy, oil-based lube feels wonderfully juicy. You can get seriously into the mood, savoring the intense slippage of its texture. But, you should be cautioned that oil-based lube is not condom-friendly. So if you and your partner are cruising with the hood on, you’re not completely protected. The oil can degrade the latex of the condom, potentially causing it to break– yikes!

For this reason, you should only use oil-based lube when having unprotected sex—with a tested, trusted partner, of course!

Some sexy lubricants to try!

Aquaglide 2 in 1

Aquaglide 2 in 1 lubricant is made for super smooth shenanigans! It can be used for both messaging and intimate lubrication. It features an optimum pH to provide the skin with moisture without irritating it. In terms of texture, it’s non-greasy and non-sticky, making cleanup a breeze– plus, no staining on your clothes or sheets. And finally, it’s condom compatible!

Backdoor Comfort Glide

Show some love to your bum with something really slick and natural. Pjur Backdoor Comfort Glide is made with a secret special ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which forms small water cushions that support the gliding effect. This lubricant is ideal for anal use because of its simple formula, making it odorless, condom-safe and non-sticky.

Just Glide Strawberry

There’s something super sexy about strawberry. Explore the fruity sensation of this flavoured lube, which also happens to have a 100% vegan formula– impressed yet?  It’s free of grease and oil, which makes it safe with latex condoms and provides a long-lasting glide. It’s also dermatologically tested for skin compatibility– good news for allergy-prone sexaholics. It looks like your standard 69 just got way yummier!

Remember that using the wrong lube puts a downer on playtime. Make sure to only choose the best lubricant to suit your personal needs. And always go with the motto, “the wetter, the better!”.

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