Do you fantasize? Don’t be shy about it. Keeping your deepest fantasies a secret from your partner only deprives you from connecting with them on a more genuine and creative level. Whatever your fantasy may be, whether it be the classic student-teacher interlude or raw, throat-squeezing punishment, let your imagination be your guide! To get you started, here are 5 types of sex fantasies to role play with your partner.

The Wild Couple

For couples who like it kinky, the wild world of BDSM offers many possibilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pain-loving expert, it can open many doors– and backdoors…

First, figure out which role you’d like to play: submissive or dominant. If you both prefer the same role, you can take turns being in control.

The fantasy can take on many forms of power play. Start with non-physical forms of punishment like consensual name-calling or nasty talk. Then, if you enjoy pain or inflicting it, you can advance to using props like clamps or paddles to push the excitement. Restraint systems can also be a blast if you enjoy bondage. You can use cuffs, straps or shackles, and experiment with different positions as you explore deeper into the adventure.

The Quirky Couple

Does Game of Thrones-themed sex sound super hot to you? Well, get your partner ready for some steamy make-believe. With the infinite world of medieval fantasy, you can get really creative with your sex scenarios and storylines. You can also use dressup to enhance the experience, creating characters likes wizards, elves and monsters–unicorn BJ perhaps? Yay or naaaay?!!!

Or maybe your prefer the realm of science fiction, complete with lightsabers, transportation or aliens. No matter your “thing”, don’t be afraid to get quirky with it!

The ADHD Couple

Sex gets dull with repetition. When you’re always doing the same twists and turns, you fall into a routine that gets predictable and boring. Not sexy! Crank up the excitement by giving in to your ADHD, letting your impulses and cravings roam free.

A great way to inspire change is to switch up the scenery. The kitchen floor, the office or the laundry room are all perfectly unlikely options that put a tantalizing twist on your typical routine. Basically, anything that takes you out of your usual element is key.

The Fetish Couple

Is your mantra the weirder, the better? For the trend-setting couple who defines their own brand of hotness, invent your own turn ons. Any non-typical style of pleasure is on the menu; sample all types of delights, from toe-sucking to butt-tasting. Don’t let any body part go ignored– let all inhibitions go and explore your partner fully.

You can add more creativity to the fetish fantasy by playing characters. Maybe you’re the submissive zombie or the evil king or queen with naughty tricks of their “wand”. Go for it!

The Risk-Taking Couple

For even racier exploits, consider semi-public sex. Sometimes it’s the thrill of being bad or getting caught that makes sex hotter. So add the element of risk to your next bump and grind session— without a public indecency charge, of course.

If you’re hesitant, you don’t have to go all-out and start seeking secret bush locations straight away. Try testing the waters first by having a steamy makeout session in a parking lot. Or you can attempt sneaking into a department store fitting room or fondle your partner in an elevator. As you two become braver, you can make the locations even riskier. Just don’t end up in jail– or do? Cop car fantasy, anyone?…

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