That week she lived in his cottage in the country.

She was bonded with green grass, and mowed down fields, as well as with ripening corncobs of corn. One early afternoon while they were jogging together, she needed to pee. He suggested her to go to the cornfield.

Still short of breath from the run she groaned while pissing, unknowingly and unconsciously as a child. When she came out of the corns and continued to run, he told her with a smile on his face, that her sighs made him hard and that they should try sex in the cornfield once.

-When I could no longer fuck you with my dick, I would put a corncob in you, together with hairs and keep it pounding until it made you scream. – He was talking and breathing heavily as they finished their third mile going uphill. The only thing left was talking about sex because they sexually released in the early morning. They have now been spending their last atoms of energy to further stretch their bodies and spend some time outside, in the fresh air. Because it was summer and they used every free moment to invest in their wellbeing.

He said it partially joking, but the idea seemed to appeal to her. She loved every novelty associated with sex, and she had never done it in the cornfield. As they ran for the next mile, she got slightly wet wishing for it to happen and hoping to convince him to go for it one of these days. She had imagined doing all sorts of things with him, but she was able to accomplish only half of it. Still, it was a lot, unlike with the previous guys who weren’t particularly keen on sex novelties and experimentations.

She reminded herself about her childhood, which just like her first sex experiences, began in the country. While riding a bike at her grandmother’s, the bicycle seat had some special appeal. After the ride she liked to play hide and seek and hide in the dark secluded places of the farm where Manuel, a boy five years older than her, would put his hand in her panties and call her a little slut. She had a crush on Manuel, although he was one of the naughtiest boys in the village, because his hand, in her panties, fitted so well.

The next day they drove to his grandfather’s vineyard to pick some vineyard peaches and red grapes. While the Ferguson old-timer from the 1980s was blowing smoke going uphill, she imagined something they often talked about – threesome. He had nothing against bringing his athletic male friends into it, nor did she have anything against seeing him fuck a libidinal attractive forty-five-year-old in front of her. Although they have not yet made it happen, they sometimes fantasized out loud about other women and men during sex to make one another feel aroused.

He had a weakness for older women and often got a hard on them. He did not need to do any foreplay with them. They got wet by a mere glance of his hard athletic cock. He did not need to kiss their necks or lick their nipples for long. He enjoyed a clean action – penetration until they come. He shove his cock up as much as needed.

She adored his dick more than anyone elses ever before. His sexual energy was wild and raw. He would get a hard on his peers’ hairy legged mothers, milkmaids in long skirts, teenage girls in mini-skirts. All of them, he would say, had the cunt itch and they needed a good cock. They were beneath his level to fuck, he would jerk off on them and squirt his sperm a couple times a day until he was dry. He had an amorous nature. He adored women and died for them for tens of times a day.

Upon returning from the vineyard, he left her home and he went to return the tractor to his grandfather. She knew that he was going to come back soon, and she will, since the house was empty, sway him to have sex. Because she needed it. And he needed it as well. They have been together for three months, and that is the time when new sexual partners, especially libidinous like them, have a strong desire to consume sexual energy. They did it one to three times a day. They badly turned each other on, so much that it was worth staying together for sex, despite some obstacles.

She started alone. She took off her shorts and t-shirt and remained in a green two-piece bathing suit. She nonchalantly looked at her little sun kissed ass in the mirror, in front of the same mirror he got turned on by looking at her ass yesterday. At the time, they did not have a chance to get it on because their neighbors were coming to dinner.

She laid on the couch. With nails painted in screaming red nail polish she began to lightly touch herself. When she sensed that her juices started to flow she went to the yard and called in the German Shepherd and made him sniff her panties in the house. The dog was very unskilled at this. He was so happy to be able to come in the house that he was licking her face all the time. She stick her finger in her pussy and offered him to lick it. Then she started to touch his dick and waited for his reaction. He did not know what to do. He jumped around her, still waving his tail. He was obviously in a new situation. She did not want to make him feel odd so she took some salami for him out of the fridge, patted him on his head and let him go back to the yard.

She went to wash her hands thoroughly and then she took a banana from the fridge, washed it with cold water several times, put a condom on it and began to penetrate herself. The thought that her lover might come and catch her in action in every moment (which has never happened before, but she knew that it was only a matter of time), was making her aroused even more.

It was about three minutes to orgasm when he entered the house. When she heard him, she became uneasy because she did not know how he will react. The least she wanted was to refuse her. She got up, automatically pulled up her panties and hid the banana.

As soon as he entered the room, she realized that she couldn’t hide anything from him because she was too aroused. She told him what she was doing and showed him the banana. He was surprised at first but then, he said that she was insatiable and that he did not know she had the habit of doing it with a banana. She asked if that turned him on. He said it did.

She took the banana again and began to push it very slowly into her pussy. She liked that he looked at her and approved of her act. This remarkably large piece of fruit was wider and longer than his cock, but not more attractive. To him, the sight of a strange object entering his girlfriend was something new that badly turned him on. He took the banana from her hand and started penetrating it, deeper and faster. When he saw her reaction and the possibility of coming too fast, he stopped. He wanted to get inside her immediately, but he had to wash his hands first.

As the cold water flowed over his fists, he teased her by shouting from the bathroom that he would not be back because he did not want to partake in such perverted acts. They both laughed.

When he returned he found her laying on the couch, she said she wanted to suck his dick. He removed all clothes from himself and knelt over her. While the banana was inside her, she was feeling the hot dick in her mouth, and she began to moan. He enjoyed fucking her in the mouth. She had a small clitoral orgasm. He felt it too, took out a banana, sat down on the couch and sat her on his dick. As she was riding it, its hardness aroused her. While she was caressing his balls it turned him on even more. She liked to be fucked by a man intensely as in a constant climax.

Because of his initial surprise and early morning sex, it took him to come longer than usual, which was fantastic for her because she knew that she could enjoy it longer. Usually their sex lasted 15-25 minutes, at night to 45 minutes, rarely longer. Today she felt as if she had to do it all day without ceasing, she was turned on that much.

After riding at the front, she turned over and rode him with her ass towards to his face.

– Do you want to fuck me in the ass? – she asked quickly.
– I want to – he said keenly.

She turned over at the couch, adjusting with all four and asked him to come in slowly. But, surprisingly, he did not go in slowly but very rough. He pushed it with all his strength, so much that she screamed out of her voice. It seemed as if he had unconsciously taken revenge on her for starting without him. The first ten seconds had hurt her, but each next second seemed like a little perfection spiced up with his sexy breathing.

Sweat descended down their bodies as he announced his orgasm with short and sharp stinging. She felt she would come at the same time. His excitement will make her come once more. That’s why with her left hand she quickly stimulated the clitoris as he pounded it from behind. The size and width of his tool was perfect for all of her holes, and today especially for anal. The sweat from his body, his stings and heavy sighs made her a woman.

In every moment someone from his family or neighbors could enter the house and it made her even more turned on. She knew that their sex would arouse anyone who would have seen them in their midday ceremony because they were both young and had athletic bodies.

– I’ll come soon, when will you? – she uttered.
– I can do it soon. Shall we?
– Yes. Come in me. Fill me up. – She begged, rejoicing at the prospect of his sperm in her little ass.
– No. I want to cum in your face. You will turn around when I tell you.

With him there was no idle walking in sex. Everything was very purposeful and regularly went straight to his sure climax, which also helped her to regularly come.

He had never requested her to come the way he wanted, but today his request had a special allure. Not just his command, but also being aroused by something they have not tried so far. Moreover, there was this dirty notion that something from her little ass would spill on her face, at which she often climaxed watching the porns, but she never had a chance to try it for herself.

The stings were stronger and more impatient, and their bodies got more sweaty and breathy. The droplets of body sweat combined with their juices were falling on the couch.

Suddenly he said – Turn around.

She did not turn immediately, but instead she began to impale on his dick. The thought of him coming in just a moment brought her to the last few seconds before the orgasm. He took it out because he could no longer wait. He turned her over, set his cock in front of her wide open mouth. She reached for the banana and shove it mercilessly in her pussy.

As the sperm cascaded down her face and neck in repeated spurts, she felt as if having an epiphany. She had a feeling of merging with universe and that this is going to be her mightiest orgasm ever. At a moment when he accidentally touched her lips with his cock she began to climax loud and sharp, existing for these 8 seconds in a world where there was no space or time.

Pleased, she spread herself on the couch, her clit still pulsing so much that she felt she could fuck for hours to come. The look at his contented face and weary eyes was telling her that she would need to wait for that. She did not tell him about the dog. She decided to do it tomorrow.