A shining forest in a fresh spring morning. The dew of the night rain glistens on soft blades of grass while the sun caresses with a warm touch. Arcadia in blossom.

I feel at ease, running after her along forest paths. No, she’s neither a fairy nor a princess; just a gorgeous young woman who knows exactly what she wants. Passionate, carnal, sensual, with a carefree mind of a brilliant child.

There’s heat rising within me, a kind of heat one feels in puberty, when the body begins to wake up and starts whetting all the senses. It’s as if I’ve just recently become aware of my charms and of the ways I can arouse someone else. I’ve certainly aroused her. Aroused the body of a young woman who is looking for a new, cosmic experience. I bloom, I sprout, and my juices crave to be drained by her.

She flits and flutters, runs and teases me, refusing to let me catch and embrace her. Her skin is white, just like mine, her hair black and long, her mind sharp, her laughter loud. Her eyes are blazing, the tips of her breasts pulsating. One moment she’s dainty like a doe, the next she runs with abandon, like a filly unbridled. She hides, denying me even a clear look at her, a morsel for my eyes at least. She hides because she loves secrets; she knows how sweet they are!

Oh, she’s a tease, while I want her so much. Her hypnotic power of a sylvan nymph infuses me with élan. I chase her through the forest. We are like two peacocks, young and splendid, each wanting to show its magic to the other. Our hearts falter at the thought of our first touch. We feel it will be different from anything we have experienced so far — and we are fully prepared to take it.

Her rhythm finally slows down and she lets me hold her hand. Hot like volcanic lava. Her laughter breaks into a moan at the wetness of my hand. I can see now that she wants me more than anything. She’s ready to give all of the tender, unconsumed androgynous parts of her body, of her life.

Finally I grab her around the waist and our lips slowly approach. The tongues emerge and entwine, while the hot breath of passion caresses our faces. We learn that a woman’s kiss is gentler than anything else under the sky. The forest loves us and we surrender to its godliness.

My hands ease the almost sheer linen dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the soft ground at our feet. Pleasure makes her close her eyes when I do it, and then open them again. She looks at her perfect body and at me as I enjoy the sight in triumph. She trusts me completely. She knows all my moves will be right. Nothing will be wrong. Her breasts are wondrous, the nipples gently pink and soft, relaxed.

When I gently envelop her breast with my palm, her own palm slips between my legs to a place rich with my juices. We are getting loud and we do not care, like schoolgirls touched by men’s hands for the first time.

She lowers herself then, to taste me, and rises again to kiss me greedily and fiercely on the mouth. She puts my hand between her legs and asks me to make her divine.

First I go down to the mound, the atrium of her Venus, softer than velvet, from which a lovely vibrant flower emerges, ember-red, with its endless smile. I rise to a kiss, while the hands on our pubes give rise to sobs of pure female perfection.


– Is that what you dreamed last night? – Ivan asked Mirela, surprised, on their bed, freshly conjugal, where they had made love half an hour ago.

– Yes – said Mirela languidly. – Do you want to hear the news? The dream confirms what I have suspected for a few years now. There are women who really attract me.

– It’s okay – he said. – Those codes are written in all of us. Most people never become aware of that, let alone act on it. But in women, oh, it looks so natural and exciting.

He smiled. – Had you told me that a couple of years ago, I would have been very jealous of your fantasy chick.

– Mmm, how salty and tasty you are – he continued, kissing her lustfully all over her naked body. His blood was surging, just in the right place.