A massage can be extremely relaxing and rewarding. It provides you with a way to unwind after a long, stressful day. When you are getting a massage, you focus on those tense areas, but also the person’s hands rubbing down your body. While this happens, it is also one of the most sensual feelings you can feel. There are many benefits to body to body massages, but make sure to have the right massage items for the massage. LoveVibe offers whole kits, oils, candles and more.

Massages are Extremely Sensual

If they were not in the mood, they are now. A massage allows you to unwind but also perk up that sensuality that might have been missing. They relax and allow you to feel places of their body. If you’re massaging with your own body, you will soon see just how sensual it can get. A nude body to body massage can help bring out that sensual appeal. Try it with the line of Shunga Aphrodisiac Oils.


Relax and unwind after a long day. Ease those aching muscles and just let loose. Allow your other to feel comfort, relaxation, tension eased and more when you’re rubbing their body with your own. It is a great experience for everyone to feel. Even if you didn’t have a long day and just wanted to be touched, massages are great for that, too. The four hands massage is the most relaxing. You’ll feel each muscle in your body relaxing as you are body to body. Why four hands? Because you get two people (four hands) working on all of the stressed, tensed areas. Want to try a great product for this? The ASHA International Body to Body Oil can be your go-to!

Better Communication

When you are massaging another person, they may or may not talk, but you can. You can say whatever you want as they slowly relax and become more familiar with your hands and body moving over them. This is a massage that works to relax their muscles and ease their minds. When you both relax, your communication is more open. The NURU massage relaxes your mind, body and soul. Try out LoveVibe’s Wet NURU Massage Kit to open up those forbidden places.

Overall Better Relationship

Have an overall better relationship when you give or receive massages. If you can do both, they this is the best way to go. Just rub that person down and enjoy being touched and being the one touching. Everyone can enjoy being a part of a massage when you’re body to body and within close proximity to one another. Try the Kamasutra Massage Tranquility Kit for more intimate massages at home with your lover.

Everyone is able to provide massages to the one they love. Even if you don’t know what to do or how to rub. Just running your hands up and down their body is comfortable enough for everyone. You can get the ball rolling to get a little bit more passion in your sex life. Take the bedroom by storm when you grab the massage items and handle the situation. You’ll both feel better for it in the end.

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