How often do you slow things down? These days, people are always rushing– rushing to work, appointments, meetings, and most unfortunately, even sex. Yes folks, you’re guilty. To help make sex slower and well, sexier, the tantra chair is a simple invention that helps couples make playtime better. Based on studies and reviews from experimental couples, sex can reach a higher level of pleasure and intimacy when using love chair. Curious about why? Let’s examine the orgasmic powers of love chair.

How it works

Love chair enhances sex by helping couples experience each other from unique angles. The chair is designed with sensual curvatures, allowing you to comfortably contort into positions that are much more erotic than the standard ones. Whether you prefer to go at it patiently and sweetly or lose yourself in passionate bliss, the possibilities are endless!

Better sex positions

Let your sexual curiosities roam free. As a beginner, who’s wondering how to use love chair, the maneuvers can seem overwhelming. Yet, once you practice some basic positions, you can get more creative as you progress.

Let’s start with a spin on the missionary position. According to sex expert Alina Palin, “the love chair helps people situate their torsos in a more optimal way for enhanced sensitivity.” For instance, by laying on your back with your tailbone along the chair’s little hump, you can lift your pelvis higher. This position will maximize penetration, so your g-spot or c-spot can go into arousal overdrive.

One couple that was interviewed reported to using their love chair for mind-blowing doggy-style sex. “We sometimes use love chair in our basement. Doggie is our favourite, but you can do it different ways with the chair. Sometimes I anchor my knees in the area that dips, and other times, I press my body against the larger swivel facing the opposite direction”, explains Shana, 31.

The cowboy position is also a blast in love chair. Your partner can angle their body along the chair’s swivels to push their pelvis upward, giving you a deeper ride than ever before!

Bring back the spark

A boring sex life is the death of chemistry. Just ask anyone in a long-term relationship or better yet, marriage.

Love chair offers a blissful way to put the spark back into your relationship. It’s especially useful if you’re not a huge fan of toys or props, but still crave some sexual newness. What’s more, the mere change of scenery, taking your thrills outside the bedroom and onto love chair, will feel less unfamiliar and exciting. It’s all about changing up the routine!

Bond with your partner

Who needs couple’s therapy when you’ve got love chair? Using all the chair’s sensuous features, you’ll be inspired to explore all the crevices and contours of your partner’s body.

As a result, the positions become more dynamic and freeing, strengthening your sexual connection with your partner. “When I’m using love chair with my husband, I’m able to position my body to lock better with his– the experience is more, I suppose, unifying,” reveals Carly, 29.

Sex doctor Judy Kuriansky helps couples achieve this type of closeness through tantric activities. As she explains, “Tantric sex is much more than sex — it is a way to create deep and intense intimacy. It is about using sexual energy to create more love — something we all need and expect.”

Is love chair for you? You bet! If you’ve always wanted sex to feel more transcending, try the love chair to awaken a whole new you.

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